Beware, you are feeding your brain!

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I am writing a blog on this subject as I believe each individual must be aware of this set of information. This knowledge would have an unmatchable impact on your life. Some of you might be aware of it but are not applying regularly.  Remember, knowledge is a treasure but the application is key to it.  People who are new to this area, would find it interesting and of immense benefits.

You would be amazed that the human brain generates around 65,000 thoughts per day on average. These are just your thoughts. Human brain has approximately   86 billion neurons (neurons are information messengers) and each neuron is connected to 10,000 other neurons. The object sitting on your shoulders are among the most complicated system known in the universe.

Now let’s see in a simplistic way how the human brain processes the input signals:

Diagram representing data Input, additional Input from self-developed belief system and the output of data Processing

feeding your brain


Look at the diagram above, you would observe that we feed data to our brain by what we see, hear, smell, eat, and touch.

Let’s understand the data processing a bit more. Data that comes from mobile phones, TV, Conversation with People etc gets coupled with our believes (that is developed through past experiences) in subconscious mind and output is generated primarily based on how our sub-conscious mind expect the output to be. Behaviour of subconscious and its impacts are out of scope from this blog. I will write about it in another blog.

Let’s consider an example. Let’s say when we read some news about someone’s suicide somewhere, this act sends a data that is categorized as negative by our sub conscious mind or believe system. (Our believe system is developed primarily based on past experiences and our environment.) So when our brain process this data, the generated output makes us feel bad or makes us feel low in this example. We tend to think more about how his family or close one would be feeling. He had bright future, why the hell did he take this step etc. We generate more and more of negative thoughts.  We talk more of this and then the cycle keeps repeating.

I am sure most of you would be able to relate to this context. And if you would have read my previous blog (Remember, you are 70% Water!), you must be knowing that negative thoughts trigger the negative vibes to the 70% water contained in the human body. It has harmful impact on our entire physical and mental body system.

Now think of another scenario. Someone has done the suicide but this has not been noticed by you as you did not read/hear the news. Probably you just avoided yourself from this kind of data to flow to your brain. You are intentionally focusing primarily on the useful information that would help you grow. You are aware of the kind of data that is required to be processed by brain for your growth. And you would grow for sure whereas others would keep getting trapped by the junk data (gossip, negative news etc) that is fed to and processed by their Brains.

This awareness can bring so much difference in your life. If you start noticing, you can find many such examples in your own life. I am sure you would agree that we must be aware of the kind of data that we are feeding to our brain. And we must supply just the quality data input to our brain. We

Thank you so much for spending your time in reading the article.

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Reference: From the teaching of JIM KWIK (World’s best Brain Coach)

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