It’s all about ‘What You Choose to be Now’!

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Can you notice something about these baby fenugreek plants?

I am sure you can. All of them are directed in the same direction. They are directed towards the source of rays which is the Sun. This view mesmerized me so well that I decided to write about it.

The picture was taken this morning. I became joyous after looking at these baby plants which came out of the seeds. We (me and my wife) were about to consume these seeds a few days back. Fenugreek seeds have been used in Indian cooking for centuries. It adds to food flavors and has medicinal properties as well.

Some thought had triggered in our mind and then we poured seeds into the soil instead of choosing to consume them as food. But this simple decision and act made us feel delighted. The possibility of life through fenugreek seeds always existed, it’s just that I did not look at it this way earlier.

We could see seeds turning into sprouts and then into plants.

These sights made me a witness to a life philosophy. Various amazing possibilities always exist. But we can never experience the manifestation of those possibilities from imagination if we don’t explore, decide, and take action.

I have been in the IT industry for almost a decade. The monotonous work had bored me about a year back and I wanted to do something about it. Consequently, I learned and practiced meditation. I experienced a massive transformation within me after constantly practicing it for a few weeks. Curiosity developed within me and I read various books. I realized the fact that life is amazing and there are many things to explore, learn and experience.

Subsequently, I underwent a program that made me see my life in a much better way. I could explore various things about myself and push limits. I became the coach for the same program I had undergone. Now I can help others undergo the transformation I have experienced.

I have recently published my book ‘Rewrite Your Subconscious Codes’ which has received righteous responses. We are converting the book into an audio format so that it would reach a larger set of audiences. Book writing was not even closer to my farthest dream earlier.

Lately, I have been proposed a Job as Head of the Learning and Development department of medium size Information Technology Organization. Accepting or rejecting that proposal is a different thing, but I had never imagined that I would be offered this role so soon.

I felt all this could happen to me because I was open to exploring, open to deciding, and open to taking action.

If I would not have been open-minded to explore, I would not have reached to decision-making and action-taking stage. If I would have explored but I would not have decided, I would have continued to be the same older version of Abhinav. And If I would have not taken action after exploring and decision making, I would have remained my previous version of Abhinav.

Countless miraculous opportunities always exist. But we can never experience the realization of those possibilities if we don’t explore, decide, and take action.

By the way, have a look at the latest picture taken as I am completing this brief article. I am loving it

fenugreek methi
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