Remember, You are 70% Water!

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We look at water as an essential element to be alive.  Water carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain. Water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances. It flushes out toxins and waste. It helps to regulate body temperature. Generally, we humans use it in many ways such as drinking, washing, cooking, and bathing, etc.


But you would be amazed to know that water absorbs the vibes of surrounding and carries them wherever it travels. It is extremely sensitive to its surroundings.


Now you must be thinking. WOW!  How did I miss to know this?

If you are not saying Wow now, then you would definitely say ‘wow’ after knowing how humans can make use of this hardly-known property of water. In fact it is already being used in some of the geographies. We will talk about that little latter. Let’s learn about the experiments conducted to know this property. Like you, I too believe in what I see. Some of the experiments which I will be talking about, can be conducted at home easily.


This has been proven by various experiments conducted by Mr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese businessman, author and pseudo-scientist.


Several studies have shown that “There are no two identical snowflakes. Then, if we freeze water and observe water crystals, their structures may be Different from those of other waters, depending on the information the water contains.”


After examining many different types of water crystals several interesting things were found

1.     Water samples from clean, natural sources usually
showed a beautiful, hexagonal crystal, while most of the tap waters did not
show good crystals or showed only partially crystalized form.

Mount Cook (NZ) and Dianshan Lake (China)
Mount Cook (NZ) and Dianshan Lake (China)
tap water crystal
Tap Water Crystal

2.      Distilled water was exposed to various pieces of music, and then water crystal was examined. It seemed that the shape of the resultant water crystals was dependent on the kind of the music it was exposed to.                       

Melodious music
Melodious music
Heavy metal music
Heavy metal music

   3. Distilled water was exposed to various kinds of photographs for 24 hrs. And the water was examined  as above. 

the earth
The Earth
Niagara Falls

   4.  A label with written words was put on a glass tube that contained distilled water. After 24 hrs. , the  water was examined. When “Thank you” and “You fool” were shown to distilled water, the water  exposed to “Thank you” showed a very beautiful and powerful hexagonal crystal, while the water  exposed to “You fool” or “You disguised me” did not show any good crystal structure. When expose  to the words “Love and Gratitude”, water showed the most beautiful water crystal.

Love & Gratitude, Thank You
You foo, you disgust me
You foo, you disgust me

5.  Water crystal became so beautiful when exposed to Prayers. It was ugly earlier.

Before and after Prayer
Before and after Prayer

6. Cooked rice exposed to opposite words ‘Love’ & ‘Hate’. The words ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ written on two  different glass containers having cooked rice had unbelievable impact on the rice over 3 weeks of  time.  Experimenter was supposed to look at both the container once in everyday with the feeling  ‘love’ and ‘hate’ as per the word written over it. The rice of the container having ‘Hate’ written over it  started to become black after second week. Whereas the rice of the other container was still white. This is very simple experiment and even I have conducted it.       

Cooked Rice Experiment
Cooked Rice Experiment

Now that you have learnt about this amazing property of water and experiments in support, lets analyze the impact of water contained within the Human Body.

Human body contains about 70% of water. When you are happy, you generate the positive vibe. These vibes immediately get transferred to 70% water contained in your body. Hence healing signal gets triggered by autonomous nervous system of the body. This is the Joyous path. In contrary, when you are angry/frustrated/jealous, negative vibes gets triggered. These vibes immediately get transferred to 70% water contained in your body. Hence deteriorating signal gets triggered by autonomous nervous system of the body.

When you do not feel good, just take a glass of water, hold it in your hand for 3 to 5 minutes and simultaneously think about things that make you feel good. Think about things you are grateful for. Feel the gratefulness as much as you can. Then drink the water. Its best medicine that I have been using since the time I got to know about it. Trust me it works.


  1. From the teachings & experiments done by Mr. Masaru Emoto & his team.
  2. From the teachings of Sadguru.
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